Welcome to 2015

Hi everyone!

Another year has been and gone, and now 2015 extends before us as the Not Yet becomes the Has Been.

I have a few goals this year:

  • Say ‘no’ to more, and finish the ‘yeses’
  • Build routine
  • Tell more stories, better.

To achieve this, I’m limiting myself to the following two three simple rules:

  • You get one project a month.
  • You have to finish that project within the month.
  • Tell the story of that project, good or bad. “I just didn’t” makes a terrible story.

Like an agile project, I’ll maintain a backlog of projects, and if I choose to prioritise them then well and good. But during the month, I’ll focus just on that project.

Let’s see what happens :)


  1. Baby Sleep Monitor
  2. Raspberry Pi-based MIDI Synthesiser

  3. Kiva Snapshot