Hi! I’m a 30-year-old software developer from Melbourne, Australia. Please call me Andy :)

Here's what you need to know about me:

  • I have been interested in technology since childhood (first an IBM XT, then a 386!), and people since becoming an adult.

  • I pick up new languages, concepts, and technologies quickly. My career so far has called on me to learn and use PHP, Python, and even a smattering of C++! Right now I mostly write code in Ruby, Javascript, Crystal & Elm.

  • I’m warm and friendly, and easy to work with.

  • I want to really understand the problem I’m trying to solve - how else can I discover the best solution?

  • I’m known for taking an idea and picking it to pieces. I have a knack for asking the right questions, and then finding the right answers.

  • I’ve worked for startups, small companies, larger software houses, and in the service industry.

  • I believe in good UX, elegant design, and clean, well-written code. I believe that I am a Terrible Programmer, and this helps me critique what I build.

  • When I’m not working, I enjoy poking around old record shops, or tackling the cryptic crossword in the newspaper with my wife. I love food and drink that’s made with care - but beer and coffee are my true loves, beveragely-speaking.

  • I grew up in Brisbane, when good coffee was “Nescafe Gold” and international cuisine was from the Chinese Takeaway down the road. It’s a different city now, but I don’t regret moving to Melbourne with my family in 2003.

  • I play piano, harmonica, and am teaching myself to play this strange contraption!