Portfolio & Projects

Here’s a selection of things I have either built or am building - whether software or not!


I wanted to learn to write code in Elm, so I made a small game!


Like many developers, I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop, and a bunch of that time in a Terminal. This app prompts users to send a message to a friend when they open a new terminal, and sends that message using OSX’s Messages.app.

To install:

brew tap andrewdotnich/andrewdotnich

brew update

brew install barnabas

Code on Github


I read Daniel Cook’s article “Improving Bug Triage with User Pain”, and found it very helpful. I decided to knock up a quick CLI tool that I could use to score bugs for my projects quickly and simply :)

Code on Github

GS1net Code List Editor

GS1 is a non-profit organisation that looks after retail product information. They have lots of code lists describing various attributes a product may have. These are fiddly to edit, so I created this little app to make life easier for the BAs on my product team :)

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Mining Depot

Ever since auditing a subject on concurrency at University, I’ve wanted to build something that was threaded from the ground up. Since most of my work right now is Web-based, I don’t get many opportunities to learn about threading! So I’m building this to learn how to build portable, thread-safe & highly-concurrent code in Ruby.

Code on Github

Mining Frontends

The next logical step for the Mining Depot project. Given a portable Ruby application that isn’t tied to a hosting or distribution model, how many different frontends can I build for the exact same application?

Ideas for frontends:

  • Command-line, curses-style
  • 2D graphics with gosu
  • browser client with API calls

Code on Github