Bible Study Update

We’ve had a few weeks without studies since the last update, what with a scheduled break and the mid-semester “holiday”. There’ve been a couple of studies in that time, though, so apologies for being a bit behind.

First one is by Jeff, an introductory look at the highly controversial topic of gender roles (especially inside the church). Study + Notes [ZIP]

The second one is one I took on Leadership in the Church, and Paul’s teachings on the sorts of leaders churches deserve to have. Study [PDF]

I hope these provoke questions and thoughts as you go through them :)

EDIT: Oops, Jeff’s study notes are in a zip file, not a PDF. Fixed…


Thanks for taking the time to post these studies during your busy month. The studies are fabulous. They give clear guidance on a wide range of specifics. Yet their very clarity jars on some people…I suppose the verses insist we expose our position on Authority of Scripture, because they don't leave much grey area to hide in :) Some respond by demanding we change scripture's view to match our modernity, rather than change ourselves to match scripture. Yet time and again, and without exception in the long-term, churches and families living under the Word bear the good fruit. I'm confident that as the Word continues to be faithfully taught, the truth will defend itself in the outworkings of the lives of those following it. This gives us much challenge to rise to. I have to work on the QUIET part at times :) Yet I take my hat off to you BLOKES… study #2 indicates you have the lion's share of the challenge. I pray you'll keep up the great work; the rest of us need, value & depend on your Godly male leadership. Thanks again Andrew for the post…