Time for Blogging

I really don’t know how some people find the time to write decent-sized, quality blog posts on a regular basis. I have plenty of ideas and think “ooh, that would make a great blog post”; more often than not, however, they either end up in a drafts folder never to be seen again, or they are soon forgotten about.

How do they do it?

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Stephen McDonald
Great advise Arthur.

One blog I quite like is i.g.spong.com written by a mate (and former announcer) of mine. He also uses his blog for 1 minute radio spots, so he usually limits them to 140 words. It helps to keep them pithy.

I’ve tried to restrain myself to a definite theme or topic and within that take a subject and relate it to something that’s happened recently (in the news or to me personally). This usually means ignoring large areas of personal interest (e.g. media and politics), but can still allow me to deal with the issues behind them.

*Ramble Ends*

(I’d be up for tag teaming).
It took me a while to get going. If you are writing for a readership, it does have to be very regular. A few things seem to help:

- Tag-teaming with someone

- Building up a backlog of drafts and ideas (even if they don’t get published, it all goes into the mill)

- Blogging around central topics/themes rather than random personal junk from my head

- Stuff that other people are keen to hear about

See http://www.problogger.net/archives/2007/07/19/the-4-pillars-of-writing-exceptional-blogs/