Shopping: Latest Trip to Koorong…

…resulted in some eclectic purchases – a dead white guy, some not-quite-dead white guys, some nowhere-near-dead white guys, and a nowhere-near-dead black guy:

The Kierkegaard book is out of curiosity – I’m certainly not about to become a knight of faith! I do think that the Emergent movement takes a lot of ideas from his philosophy, so I’m interested in finding out more about it.

I know Carson & Sproul are solid, and I didn’t have these works of theirs already; I’m sure they will be edifying (Carson’s is, I think, a collation of talks and a fairly short work; Sproul’s one a bit longer).

Musically, I’d enjoyed hearing the singles from the Falling Up album on radio, and decided to spring for the whole album. Enjoying what I hear so far.

The most unusual (for me) item on the list is the last one; I’ve never been a huge fan of hip-hop/rap, so this is something of a musical diversion. I figured if I was going to try out a new genre of music, I might as well choose an artist who fills his lyrics with Jesus.

Already listened to both CDs, but the books will have to wait until end of semester.