Made It!

The week is up, the period of mourning is over. My latest “week without caffeine” push has finally finished.

As has proven to be the case most times I’ve done this, day 3 and 4 were the worst, although the ways my body has rebelled have varied. This time, I didn’t get the migraines that I did the first time I detoxed, but I did have almost constant low-grade dull headaches. On day 4 (Wednesday), I found it almost impossible to focus on anything, felt irritable, restless – it was like I’d drunk a bottle of red cordial neat. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to battle that every single day :S

The picture in this post is my tribute to the hot drink that helped me get through the 168 hours of torture: Rooibos. Unlike tea, rooibos is completely caffeine-free, but is still rich in minerals & anti-oxidants. I think it may be in my top 3 hot drinks now (sorry, green tea!), and I expect to be drinking a lot more of it in the future.

Okay, now I’m off for a cuppa, see y’all later!

Photo Creative Commons: wilnora on flickr