Caffeine: Ultimate Love/hate

Anyone who knows me knows I love my coffee – plunger, espresso, flat white, short macchiato, I’m there. Unfortunately, my love for caffeinated goodness often means my consumption goes up in direct proportion to my busyness levels, until I find myself drinking too much of the stuff.

Not being the sort of person that’s really capable of doing anything by halves (including coffee drinking), I combat this by going on caffeine fasts, where I’ll not drink anything caffeinated for a period of time (usually a week). As I sit here with a nearly-empty thermos of plunger coffee, I can’t help but think that it’s time for another one.

So as of midnight tonight, I’ll be completely off caffeine (in any form: tea, coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, whatever) for the entire week. Usually by day 3, my body goes into full-scale rebellion, and tries to make life miserable. Thankfully there aren’t any uni classes this week.

Wish me luck…

Photo Creative Commons:
GIRLintheCAFE on Flickr


Stephen McDonald
I too am dancing at the door of caffeine’s hold. Not one week passes by without a cup of Earl Grey. It’s going to take me some time to finish the best price-per-unit purchase of a box of 100 tea bags.

Good luck.